What Sets Us Apart

Why BoozeBiz?

Recruiting by and for industry pros

What Makes Us Unique

We know Your industry

At BoozeBiz, we are uniquely positioned to find, cultivate, and connect talent with the best opportunities in the Wine & Spirits industry thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry ourselves.  We know the three-tier system inside and out, what on/off premise means, what ride withs are, we understand what it means to manage the distributor versus managing accounts, chains at the local level versus national and so on.   When it comes to understanding what your people do, we’ve got you covered.  As a result, we can focus on our clients’ unique products and cultures to find the ideal candidates right off the bat.  There is no time lost to trial and error while we work to understand the position or profile.

We Know Our Industry 

We also know recruiting and have a proven track record of success.  Within her first year of recruiting within Wine & Spirits, Caitlyn was named “rookie of the year” showcasing her incredible talent for recruiting.  Jen was the top performer in her company for the last two consecutive years!  Both within the beverage industry and outside of it, we know how to find, screen, and close the best candidates for your opportunities.  Recruiting, in and of itself, is an art, one that we both thrive on and can’t get enough of!

No Upfront Costs

We work on a contingent basis, so there is no cost to you unless your hire our candidate. While rarely needed, we offer a 60 day  guarantee to ensure that your hire is the right fit.

What We Offer


BoozeBiz offers streamlined recruiting services to Wine & Spirts companies across the country.  We have access to the best candidates in the industry from our extensive networks and we know how to secure them for your open positions. 

Job Seekers

With a consultative approach to recruiting, BoozeBiz provides candidates with job opportunities ideally aligned to their skills, experience, and criteria.  We build long-term, trusting relationships with our candidates through excellent communication and follow-up.  

Referral Partners

BoozeBiz provides an opportunity to share referrals, market intel, brainstorming and cross promotional activity with our hand selected list of consultants with complimentary services for beverage companies. 

Connect With Us

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Our Process

How We Work With Companies

 What We Offer:

  • Consulting on hiring process.
  • Informed and transparent salary feedback.
  • Identification of top candidates.
  • Coordination of all interviews.
  • Transparent feedback from candidates and updates on the candidates’ competing opportunities.
  • Negotiation around benefits and salary.

How We Work:

  • Intake to get all details regarding your company and open position, as well as how we’ll work together.
  • Then we begin our work identifying candidates for you, we:
    • Work through our network and reach out to anyone we already know who would be a fit.
    • Screen all candidates on technical skills and then conduct a full interview with them.
    • If they are a fit, we provide all detail as to why to our clients when we send their information over, as well as their location and salary requirement.
    • Coordinate all interviews and serve as a liaison between company and candidate throughout the whole process.
    • Provide market feedback and intelligence throughout the process, particularly as it relates to any challenges.
    • Handle all salary, benefits, PTO, total rewards, etc, questions so that the company and the candidate can focus on determining if the role is the right fit on a substantive level during their time together.
    • Conduct all reference checks if requested.
    • Once an offer is extended and accepted, we check in throughout the candidate’s onboarding period and mitigate any concerns, issues or miscommunications that may arise.



How We Work With Candidates

What We Offer:

  • An initial discovery call to understand what you’ve done, what you want to do, and how we can work together. 
  • Resume and LinkedIn guidance. 
  • Review of jobs your applying to to see if can help or have contacts there. 
  • Interview coaching and prep. 
  • Salary negotiation and feedback. 
  • Access and presentation to jobs we are working on, if there is a fit.

    How We Work:

    • We will present you with any roles that we are actively working that would be a fit and then work with you from start to finish of the process.
    • If there are not currently any roles that fit your criteria, we will actively market your profile out to our network and contacts.
    • We will continue keeping you in mind for all positions that come our way and could be a fit and presenting them to you.
    • We serve as additional set of ears and eyes in the market to work along side you, while you continue your job search as well.
    • We see our candidates as long-term friends and relationships. We hope to remain in touch for many years to come and become your “go-to” recruiter.


    How We Work With Referral Partners

     What We Offer:

    • Feature our partners’ name, logo, website and info on our website
    • Share and comment on each other’s social media
    • Promote complimentary services’ through newsletters and social media posts.
    • Collaborate on events, LinkedIn Live etc.
    • Share market intelligence.
    • Share referrals!

     How We Work:

    • We hand select organizations that offer complimentary consulting services to the wine & spirits industry with a the same level of expertise and professionalism as us.
    • We will have an initial discovery call to meet you, learn about your company and services.
    • If a partnership is mutually beneficial and agreed upon, we will then promote you on our website and socials and ask that you do the same in return!
    • We will continue to brainstorm ways that we can work together to support one another.



      Do you know a great company  (or your current company) that is looking to hire more rock stars?

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      Drop us a line and tell us more – and be sure to add your name as we always want thank our referrals!