You have Questions

We Have Answers
Why pay for a membership when there are so many resources out there for free?

A community is only as strong as its members, and we believe in weeding out the riff-raff and making sure we cultivate a network of people who are serious about their careers and happy to invest in themselves. Plus, we want you to stay engaged! When you sign up for the gym, you GO don’t you? (Okay, bad example – but you’re definitely going to start next week.) Not only is the membership curated to your needs and goals, but it is constantly evolving, so don’t miss out by being a cheapskate!

But seriously, I can go on a ton of other sites for free, why would I possibly want to pay?!

For the price of a modest sushi take-out meal for one (no, just one set of chopsticks is fine) you will gain an amazing network of people who get you and want to connect.  Feel free to search all over the Internet for the elite info we have, but it’ll take you forever and a day….and good luck climbing out of that rabbit hole. If you don’t have endless hours to spend sitting in front of a computer, you can visit our site for a faster path to the tools that can help you learn and grow. Without a membership, how else are you going to attend our events (which can only be accessed through, duh) and rub elbows with some truly great people?!

Ok fine, I’ll pay the small monthly fee. But can I cancel at any time?

Sure, if you really must. Cancel your auto renewal by logging into your account. Click My Subscription and Cancel. BUT, for the cost of a cocktail or two per month, why would you pass up the opportunity to be a part of this awesome network of rock stars in the booze industry? If you come to just ONE networking event per month we will buy you that cocktail, so basically it’s free as long as you come drink with us.

Where are the events held?

Anywhere and everywhere. We love to work with members and partners to choose the best spots for our events each month – it’s all about supporting one another. Sometimes the brands will be choosing the venue, so we know what you’re thinking, “How do I get one of these BoozeBiz events at my place?”

Answer: Find a cool brand(s) to partner with and let’s set it up!

What are these Brand Parties you speak of and how can I get the invite?

Every month we partner with a brand that we want to feature to host a cool party. Depending on the brand and event, we will have a limited number of first come, first serve drink chips. Yes, that’s a free drink if you arrive at the start*! (*Actual start time, not the typical 1.5 hours after the start time that New Yorkers tend to arrive.) Plus, you can bring an industry friend and you both will be pow-wowing with other super cool guys and gals in the industry.  Just an added perk to being a BoozeBiz member.

What if I want to bring a friend along to an event that isn’t a member?

With the exception of some exclusive events, which will be identified well in advance, we will always welcome potential members to our events.  By all means, please share how rad you (and BoozeBiz) are and bring them along!

What do I get for my membership that non-members don’t get?

Exclusive access to:

  • Access to exclusive members only events
  • BoozeBiz Balance – our physical and mindful wellness program page
  • Participation in our mentoring program – this is vital for anyone looking to grow their career
  • An opportunity to partner with us to promote YOUR business
  • Discounted prices on our added Educational Courses
  • Discounts on super cool stuff. From a wine fridge for your apartment, to Pilates classes, beer tours, and a bunch of other awesome discounts as we grow and partner with others. Check back often for updated partners!
Hold up. Promote MY business? Tell me more!

We at BoozeBiz believe in supporting one another. Email us at once you are a member and tell us about your business, your hopes, your dreams, your favorite pizza topping. Or send us an overview and some good times to chat and we can call to talk if you’re more of a phone person. Each month we will highlight some Rising Stars on our Chalkboard Features Page as well as on our social media – from new start-ups to our favorite resources and partners. The idea is to help you generate exposure for your project while bringing added value to our memberships. We want to do our part to help everyone be successful – we love to work with our awesome members to bring more perks to everyone!